Sunday, November 11, 2007


Added a lot more output this week and have pushed earnings to over the dollar a day target now in the process of duplicating.

dollar a day technique.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

affiliate elite

The new brad callen product hits the shelf today i'm hoping to be able to use this to increase my modest meager online income into something a bit more juicier.

i have registered a new domain to host my affilaites on its called zoople

i shall keep people posted of the progress.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Still working on this blog soltion problem but should get it cleared at the weekend.

very fustrated these days so much crap to wade through before i see any progress being made.

so many products that dont deliver on the market some of these really need to sued under trade descriptions.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

dollar a day upto 3 now

Hi All,

now operating around the 3 dollar mark does not sound much but will be scaling p the operation soon.

things are going well learning more and more every day about internet marketing, google adsense, adwords it will all make sense one day and then i can quit the crumby day job.

my jobs sucks so i must succeed in this world.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

not going to plan

Well i normally make around a dollar a day but it has dried up to about 5 cents ?
google must be on the slap round again.

so whats the tactic next i study the rules and look at various optomising emails.
but nothing is standing out so far.

there has to be a better way i mean some people must have the knack the know how and yes they are never going to let the knowledge of the golden goose out.

i shall start going back to the forums to fish for fresh info.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My adsense earnings have dropped again !!!

mmm not happy need to get this back up to the dollar a day target.

must check if the sites i have are not in the sandbox utility and have got new content added
on the relevant subjects.

site updating is important but the most important part is the traffic.

i'm sometimes getting over 5,000 impressions a day but not much actual hits ?

something is definetly wrong and will have to look into it carefully.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Money !!!

Not so long ago i said bugger this there has to be a better way of manking a living ?

so i looked at every single scam on the internet.

what works what does not !!!

think i'm going to tell you that i have found a way of making cash no.

think i'm going to sell you something no !!!

the truth is that only dedicated hard work makes money, to stay ahead of the game
is very hard and the rules change every time.

if someone is selling a get rich e-book its already out of date and the methology behind it has
long turned to dust.

new methods will arise but like our lives it will come and go far to quickly to be any use to the

so i looked at everything.

there are some things that do make small amounts but theres no 7 figure dream the only peoplewho get rich are selliing out of date crap to the new blue eyed hopefulls who dont understand that the big bad world just wants to empty them out.

the only think i can recomend is to go into business and use the internet as resource only and a tool not to try to make it the competition for keywords and other needs is very great.

newbies dont stand a chance these days. If the big players wanted to do something good for the system they should try to make the results be localised on post or zip code then people can either choose to surf local or international.

getting to the top of the tree in google takes an enormous effort and if you are only displaying adsense the second people arrive at your site your sending them away.

you must think carefully about web strategies.

i want to build a website linking all the webcams of zoo's around the world but technicall its a very tall order and although a good idea its not been taken up by the big players.

so you start to look at the owrld of black hat how are people manipulating the world of affiliates to make themselves at the top.

well are they goign to divulge this kind of info.

not a chance.

best of luck to all newbies.

its all a game and difficult to win.